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In August 2018, I began an expedition through the backcountry of Asia working on landscape photography as well as various Internet projects and immersing my kids in new cultural experiences.

Photographer / Software Architect

Ben Benson

A bit about the Ben…

I am a cellist, a third generation student of Yip Man, and an avid traveler.

I have also had the good fortune to be a developer of large scale Internet services from an early age. I started out burning the midnight oil hacking during high school years. After winning awards from the Department of Energy for a project on cryptography, I found myself working at a telecommunications company before the age of 18.

A couple decades later, having led development of new products and platforms at fortune 100 companies, government agencies and startups on three continents, I now burn the midnight hours helping companies succeed in building cloud-native microservice platforms. This includes crafting a complete vision, advising on organizational structure and processes, training staff and hands-on guiding of development as needed.

More About Ben…

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